Over the past few years, self-employment has been increasing. In fact, with this change, many self-employed have turned to using a virtual office. Why are they choosing this option?

More employees and those who are self-employed are looking for remote and flexible work options. This trend is driving changes in the ways a business is setup and the way it operates. Traditional offices are not able to provide the flexibility needed by both the self-employed and employees.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a service that enables businesses and their employees to work remotely. These facilities offer a range of services that include business support that is usually provided over the Internet.

Your business can enjoy the benefits of a traditional office, without the cost and space of a real office.

The drive for flexibility is creating a greater need for flexible office services, which is where the virtual office enters the scene. What benefits come from using a virtual office? Let’s take a look.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Office

1). Working from Home Saves Money

Working from home can save a lot of money. For one thing, starting up a home-based business has never been easier. For instance, consider the costs involved with setting up a traditional office. First, there’s a long-term contract, rent, utilities, and insurance that must be paid for. Then it’s usually necessary to buy office furniture and equipment, create a website, pay for advertising to find clients and more. None of this comes cheap.

On the other hand, by working from home, you only have the costs of the right equipment and software. It may still be necessary to create a website and advertise, but this much more affordable than when you have to pay for an entire office setup, plus rent and utilities.

Another benefit of working from home is the tax advantage—you can use your home office as a tax benefit. In addition, when you’ll also save money by not having the daily commute, paying for parking, eating out, and more. With all these benefits of working from home, you still have the option of using a virtual office.

2). Virtual Office Offers Credibility

A virtual office can lend credibility and increase the legitimacy of your business. How? Through the use of a business address at a prestigious business location. In this case, you won’t have to give out your home address or phone number as your business location. This could make your company look less acceptable to clients and business partners.

3). Sustainability

By working from home and using a virtual office, your company will help save the environment. You’ll decrease the company’s impact on the environment by avoiding the commute, cut down on waste, and more since everything is done virtually in the cloud.

4). Employees are More Productive

If you have employees, then a virtual office can help make them more productive. This is because most employees are happier working from home. Working from home also helps lower employee turnover rates.

Not only that, but employee stress is lowered. This is because they no longer have to deal with the morning rush and commute and working hours may be more flexible with everyone working from home.

5). Access to Business Services

With a virtual office, you may not need to have employees right away. For instance, many virtual office services include telephone services. These may include a dedicated phone number, fax services, along with a professional receptionist who answers the phone using your company name. They then forward calls and messages to you, so there’s no need to hire a receptionist.

Most virtual office services also include a customized void mailbox, which includes a pre-recorded message made for your business.

You may also have access to a wide range of other business services including receiving mail, sending parcels and more.

6). Use Virtual Office Address to Increase Visibility

Traditional office spaces come with an address that’s local. The address is used to help raise awareness of the company through the use of local SEO. Local SEO helps to raise the company’s visibility in search engines when people in the area are searching for specific products and services.

However, if you’re working from home, then your business won’t be able to enjoy this benefit unless you have a virtual office service.

A virtual office service gives your company the advantage of increased visibility. This is achieved when you use Google My Company service, which is free. All you need to do is create a profile for your company, and then use the virtual address. Using the right keywords, your business can then become more visible in the search engines. Not only that, but clients may also view your business as more credible and trustworthy.

7). Better Work and Home Life

Keeping home life and work separate can be a challenge; however, a virtual office can help you here, too. With the virtual office service, you may also have access to facilities such as a meeting room, where you can more comfortably meet with clients, conduct employee interviews, and work with business partners. At home, conducting such meetings can be challenging. Spouses, kids, pets can all create a distracting background when you need to get down to business.

8). Setup is Fast & Easy

Unlike a traditional office where setup takes time and energy, a virtual office is easy and fast to set up. Your business won’t have to deal with the cost of packing up and moving, hiring movers, downtime due to the moving in process and more.

With a virtual office, it’s all set up and ready right away!

9). Increased Scalability

Growing your business can be a huge challenge, especially if there’s a need for additional employees, relocating, office furniture and more.

On the other hand, a virtual office saves your company money, which can then be incorporated back into the business to help it grow. Onboarding new employee is fast and easy, there’s no outlay for expensive office furniture and equipment, and trying out a new location is more cost-effective.

A virtual office gives your company the flexibility it needs to operate and grow. With all these benefits, you have nothing to lose with trying out virtual office services for your business.