When it comes to working from home, many people find that it’s a dream come true. That is, until the day-to-day reality sets in. Dealing with constant interruptions, noise, and more can make it difficult to focus, even in a customised home office.

So, what other options are there for remote workers? One solution some companies have chosen is using satellite offices, especially as remote working continues to be necessary.

What is a Satellite Office?

A satellite office, also called a branch office, is a location away from a company’s main office. The satellite/branch office is physically separated from the main office and may be in an entirely different city or region.

When it comes to size, it varies widely. Some satellite offices may be small and located in suburbs or rural areas, while other branch offices are in the city and use entire floors. It depends on how many employees will be on-site.

What are the Benefits of Satellite Offices?

There are several benefits that come with satellite office, which include advantages for both the company and the employees.

Easier commute for employees: when employees have a shorter, easier commute it makes their day much easier. Not only that, but a shorter commute may also even save them money on fuel and ticket costs. As a result, employees may be happier. Happy employees who aren’t tired out from a long commute will also be happier and more productive at their jobs.

Prestigious address: a satellite office, located in a major business district, can lend credibility and prestige to a business. This makes a great first impression on clients, partners, and even new recruits.

Different work environment: a large, traditional office can sometimes feel drab and overwhelming. Their size is enough to intimidate, as well. Having a different work environment in the satellite office is a huge benefit for some employees. While the main office may feel crowded and overwhelming, a satellite office is usually smaller, with a smaller number of employees. This makes it easier for everyone in the branch office to collaborate and become more innovative.

Increased opportunities for networking: satellite offices are usually in a business centre, where other companies are using the same approach. This means there’s an opportunity to network and create new connections. This could lead to new business opportunities, and more.

Recruiting: satellites can be used as great recruitment tools. It’s possible to reach out to a new pool of recruits in a new location, away from the main office. And if the satellite office is close to home, offers a pleasant work environment, it can be enticing for the local job market. This makes it easier to find new talent that would otherwise be missed.

Easier access to new markets: a satellite office can also make it much easier to access new markets by moving into a new community. Moving to the new area, with a smaller team, is a cost-effective approach, rather than moving a large number of people to the new market. This way, if the new market doesn’t work out, the expense isn’t as great. Plus, a physical presence in the new area makes it much easier to learn about the locale, the people and their preferences, and more.

What to Consider with a Satellite Office

When choosing to go with a satellite office, there are several things to consider when it comes to choosing the right space.

Office Location

The physical location of the office is important; it’s necessary to consider how the office will be use. For instance, will it mainly be used to provide a workplace closer to employees? Will it be use primarily for a marketing team?

After considering the purpose of the office, you’re ready to choose a location. Look for an office location that’s easily accessed by most of the employees in that region/area. Look for offices that are near transportation links and public transit, as well as places that offer plenty of parking.

Rental Fees

One of the most cost-effective options is to find a business centre that offers all-inclusive rental fees. This means that one monthly payment covers everything including the rent, utilities, maintenance, cleaning, Internet access, and more.

In addition, many business centres offer some great perks that are included in the monthly fee. This varies but can include an on-site gym and showers, 24-hour access, fully stocked kitchens, and more.

Layout & Office Size

The office layout and size also need to be a good fit for your company. Be sure to take into account the number of employees who will be working there and how much space is needed for their desks and/or workstations.

Look for office spaces that have a layout and design that fit your employees’ work, as well as the business brand and industry. It’s also a good idea to ask if it’s possible to have the satellite office space customised to reflect your brand and industry.


Next, it’s necessary to find a satellite office space that has the technology your business needs to function. If you choose to go with a business centre, then they usually provide the infrastructure and connectivity most businesses require. In fact, you may have access to the latest tech, without the company having to take on such a large expense.

Fully Furnished Satellite Office

Another offering from business centres is a fully furnished satellite office. This usually comes with the all-inclusive monthly fee. What does fully furnished mean? Exactly what it should mean. The business centre provides all the office furniture you need.

What’s more, they’ll usually everything up for you in advance of the move-in date. So, on moving day, all the furniture is placed and ready. Your employees just need to show up with their laptops, plugin, and get to work. It’s really that easy!

A satellite office can be a huge benefit to the company, without being a huge expense. It’s an option that can make it easier for employees who work remotely to have a dedicated workplace.  Plus, a satellite office can also be used as a way to connect with new markets, customers, and even partners.