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Are you looking for a virtual office in Leeds? Does your business need office space with all the benefits the city has to offer? Maybe you’re an entrepreneur or a small business based in a home office.

Even if you’re an established company looking to improve your local address, we’ve got you covered.
You’ll love our virtual offices in Leeds—we guarantee it!

Who Are We?

We’re Offyx, providing professional serviced offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms and virtual offices at top locations across Leeds. 

We remove the obstacles at each point, delivering workspaces ready for your use. You’re able to move in and start working right away, putting the focus on your business. You can expect energetic and enthusiastic services. We make the effort to go above and beyond to provide you with the professional atmosphere you need.

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Building Address

You’ll have a UK address for both you and your mail. We can hold your mail for later collection, or forward it to you, wherever you are. This is completely refunded if you take an office.


call answering

We’ll take your calls; you can expect a professional call handler who will use your company name. They’ll put the calls directly through to you or forward them to your voicemail.


call forwarding

You’ll receive a dedicated phone number from us, which you can seamlessly divert to the phone number and voicemail box of your choice.


Why Get a Virtual Office Address?

We offer numerous benefits with our virtual office address:

Increase your local search rankings: having a physical address in a prestigious location increases your rank in the local search. Most people don’t realize this; in fact, this is essential to ranking well. Having a traditional office in a great location can be expensive, while having an office in the wrong location can cost you. Increase your online ranking in the local search with an address in an inspiring locale in Leeds.

The Kudos: you’ll have a professional business address at a distinguished location, which looks more impressive than using your home address. This is a great option if you’re a solopreneur or a freelancer.

Your very own receptionist: each of our virtual offices in Leeds offers you a professional, experienced call and mail handler. You’ll never have to worry about missing another contact again.

Access to facilities: with (insert name) you don’t have to worry about paying for services you don’t need. If you’re just starting a business or looking to expand, you still need access to services such as meeting rooms, printing or even mail forwarding. And just at the time you need to work with a lean budget. We’re happy to offer pay as you go services when you have a virtual address. You won’t have to worry about all those important extras, and you’ll have access to the services you need. You’ll be able to keep your budget lean, while enjoying access to facilities you need, when you need them.

Your company image: working from home, with no professional business address, can put clients off. Their image of your business becomes tarnished. With a virtual office you’ll have a more distinguished office at a prestigious address. Think of how that will look on your business cards, website and even email signature! Not only that, you could consider having a virtual office in multiple cities, making your business look larger and more impressive. This can be a great way to gain larger contracts and bigger clients.

More affordable: keep your costs low by opting for a virtual office; this choice keeps overhead low, while allowing you to spend money where it’s needed. Business costs can determine how much expansion you can afford; with a virtual office, you’ll be able to put your money into growing sales and marketing. All while keeping your costs within bounds.

Flexible contracts: with a traditional office, you’re faced with a long-term agreement. Your business is locked into the space, no matter if you need to grow or even scale back. With a virtual office, your business can scale as needed. You won’t have to worry about paying for a traditional office space that’s no longer a good fit for your company. Virtual offices leases are fit to your needs—rent the space for as little or as long as needed. Most leases allow you to cancel when necessary.

Opportunities for growth: if you’re looking to enter a new city, expansion costs can be prohibitive, at best and risky, at the least. However, using a virtual office can take away some of the risk and it’s a great way to test the waters in a new market. Develop a presence in a new area for a small monthly fee with the use of a virtual office. As your reputation and business expand, then it’s the right time to consider moving to a more permanent location. Not only will you lower the risk of entering a new market, you’ll remove some of the stress, too.

Where can you find our virtual offices?

We’ve got virtual offices in Leeds’ city centre to choose from:

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Sugar Mill

Oakhurst Avenue,
LS11 7HL

leeds virtual offices

The Refinery

Oakhurst Avenue,
LS11 7HL