Are you looking to redesign your office, but just don’t know where to start? We understand. It can be a daunting task to refurbish an office. There are so many design ideas, colours and more to choose from.

To help you out, we’ve put together some ideas to help inspire you and get you started on designing a modern office space for your company. Let’s get started!

1). Open Spaces

Open layouts are becoming more popular these days, as businesses look to do away with the dreaded cubicle spaces. An open office can make a space seem larger and roomier, while even promote more collaboration between employees.

To create open spaces, consider creating an open office that includes various types of spaces. While you may want to do away with the cubicle, there are some people who need a distraction-free environment in order to focus on work and stay productive. So, consider personal work booths that use walls that are at about ear height. This way, sounds will be controlled, while those who need more privacy will have it.

Rearranging workstations can also work wonders to open up a space. Again, be sure to include a variety of spaces so everyone can feel comfortable in the open environment.

2). Bring in the Light

Studies have shown that allowing natural light into an office space makes it feel larger. Not only that, but natural light improves everyone’s mood and helps them become more energised and productive.

To bring in more natural light, consider removing window treatments such as drapes, curtains and blinds. However, keep in mind that some employees may need reduced light levels for various reasons. Even natural light can cause migraines and other health issues. It can be helpful to have blinds that automatically adjust to the position of the sun.

This way, you can let in the natural light without blinding everyone. And you’re still able to gain all the benefits of natural light, while saving money on electricity at the same time.

3). Use Glass Partitions

Another way to make your office look more modern is to use more glass. This is a very modern design element that can be put to wonderful use in the office environment.

Consider, for instance, installing glass partitions. These are great because they let in natural light, while also creating areas of privacy. And glass partitions don’t cut the office into smaller spaces, like traditional walls do. Instead, the glass opens the office up and makes it appear larger and lighter.

4). Create Break-Out Spaces

Many offices are used as a space that’s solely filled with desks, computers and the employees that use them. Everyone needs to take a break away from their desk or workspace. So, why not consider adding a break-out area to your office?

Break-out spaces are great because they can be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, these are great places for employees to take a break, eat lunch, and more.

A break-out space can be designed in any way you choose. The space can be more non-traditional, while your office keeps a traditional design and layout. Break-out spaces are the perfect place to create a laid-back atmosphere, where everyone can enjoy time away from their normal work environment. They can be made fun, too, with the inclusion of game tables and more.

5). Sit or Stand Desks

It’s a fact that sitting for hours every day is bad for our health and can cause a wide variety of health problems. However, as you consider an office redesign, why not consider versatile workstations and desks?

These days, many businesses are choosing to purchase sit and stand desks. These may seem unconventional, but they’re an excellent choice when it comes to employee health. Sit and stand desks make it easier for employees to move around and choose how they’d like to work. An employee may sit for a time, and then need to stand for a while to relieve leg and back issues, as they work.

Sit and stand desks can be expensive, so if your budget doesn’t allow for this type of desk, then why not consider adding standing workstations to your office furnishings? This way employees will have the option to sit or stand was they work and have time away from their normal work environment.

6). Branding Your Office Space

Another terrific way to update your office is to use branding. Think of it this way—you brand your website, advertising, and even on the stationary. Why not consider carrying this concept into your office design, too? Many businesses are choosing to decorate their offices with branding. Not only does it carry the company’s identity into the workplace, but it also adds visual interest and other features into the office.

Why not consider using the company logo on wall art or even on frosted glass partitions? Use your company colours sparingly, to add pop and interest to all areas of the office.

7). Include Other Elements

When considering an update of your office, don’t forget to include those elements that work to boost everyone’s mood. This may mean allowing employees to decorate their workspaces, adding plants, using elements from nature, allowing pets at work and more.

These are elements that many offices overlook yet are sometimes the easiest to implement when renovating an office space. When everyone’s in a good mood, you’ll find that focus and collaboration improve, which means productivity increases. What could be better?

Another way to improve the office is by ensuring clutter is kept to a minimum. Organisation and keeping everything clean can go a long way in improving mood, focus, and productivity.

When it comes to refurbishing the office, it doesn’t always require major changes to the furnishings, removing walls, and more. If your budget it tight, then consider making smaller changes to improve the space. The main goal is to create a modern, clean work environment where employees can feel comfortable, happy, and more focused. You’ll have a beautiful work environment that your employees and visitors to the office will find inspiring.