When you work, it can be difficult to find time to fit in an exercise routine or a trip to the gym. And after spending long hours at work, who has the energy or feels like heading to the gym anyway?

Do you find yourself in this situation? Would you like to stay fit and get work done, too? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a list to help you get moving, feel and look better, even when you have to work long hours.

1). Start walking more: the more steps you take, the more you walk and work off calories each day. In fact, walking has fast become a way to get and stay fit.

To get more steps into your day, why not consider walking to work if your office isn’t too far from home? You can take your coffee and enjoy it along the way!

Another option is to park a little farther from your office, and then walk the rest of the way to work. Or if you travel to work on public transport, then get off a station or two before your normal stop.

No matter what method you choose, walking and adding more steps to your day will use up extra calories, give your mind and body a break from sitting all day, and you’ll enjoy the fresh air!

2). Drink lots of water: you can find reusable water bottles that don’t cost much, and then keep it filled and with you all the time. Fill it with water, and then drink it over the course of the morning and afternoon.

The reason is that water will keep you hydrated, which helps your body work more effectively. Not only will your body be able to remove waste products from your system, but it can also help with managing your weight.

Research has also shown that water can also stave off those late afternoon sugar cravings that many of us get. Those cravings may not mean we’re hungry, but that we’re thirsty!

So, try to keep your reusable water bottle nearby as you work. And remember to take it home and wash it each day. Bacteria and other nasties can build up inside the bottle, on the lid, and more. You don’t want to get sick from drinking water out of a dirty bottle. This would defeat the purpose of trying to get fit in the first place!

3). Make your meals at home: preparing your lunch and snacks at home each day gives you control over the type of food you eat, as well as the number of calories in the food. In addition, you’ll have control over all the ingredients used in your food.

When making your meals at home, try to choose as many healthy options as possible. Choose fruits, low fat dressings, seeds and nuts, and more. And work to keep your portion sizes from becoming extra-large.

Be sure to eat each meal during your long working days. Skipping meals not only makes you hungry, but you also lack energy later in the afternoon or evening. If you feel hungry, you may choose a snack option that’s not healthy. So, opt for healthy foods, don’t skip meals and keep your portions just right to stay fit.

4). Take breaks: how can taking a break keep you more fit? Consider all the time you spend sitting in front of the computer and/or at your desk. If you don’t take breaks, you may develop repetitive strain injuries, tension and muscle spasms in your neck or spine, and more.

Instead, once an hour try to get up and stretch and move around a bit. Take your eyes off the screen, too. Taking breaks works to make you more fit by helping you to relax, ease tension, while also giving you more focus on your work. Along with keeping fit, you may also find that these small breaks also improve your creativity and productivity.

5). Create an office exercise routine: you can do this alone or with colleagues but try to work in an office fitness routine. You can use your company’s onsite gym, develop stretching routines, or even use a mini bike placed under the desk to get in a few minutes of exercise.

Having an exercise routine in your workday will help you feel better, provide relief to muscles after hours of sitting, and just make you feel better overall.

6). Use a standing desk: another great way to become more active as you work is to use a standing desk. Many companies are using these for their employees. The reason is that a standing desk is great for everyone’s overall health.

When you stand up while working, your posture improves, core muscles are strengthened, and you feel more energized and focused over the course of the day. Other options to consider are treadmill desks or even replacing the desk chair with a balancing ball (large ball that you sit on as you work).

7). Take the stairs: this ties in with the first tip of adding more steps into your day. Another way to accomplish this is by taking the stairs whenever possible, rather than the elevator.

You can do this in the morning when you head into the office, at the end of the work day, or as part of your afternoon fitness routine at work. In fact, you could take the stairs on breaks or when you need to visit another department of the company on another floor. No matter when you choose to use the stairs, the fact is doing so will definitely keep you in better shape.

8). Wear comfortable shoes: if your feet hurt while you’re working, then chances are you won’t feel much like moving around. So, why not choose to wear more comfortable shoes during the day?

If you must wear dress shoes due to an office dress code, then bring a pair of comfortable shoes and put under your desk. You can quickly change into them on breaks or lunch to take advantage of walking, taking the stairs, and more. 

It doesn’t have to be difficult to stay fit at work. It just takes a bit of creativity to find ways to help you feel better and stay in better shape when you go to work each day!