Leeds is an amazing modern city located in the Yorkshire. It’s famous for being a cosmopolitan city with deep historical roots. And the city’s a highly diverse place with everything you love and enjoy. Whether you enjoy large concerts performed by world-famous groups or would rather take a laidback hike in nature, Leeds has what you need and want.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best things to enjoy in Leeds! You’ll find information on everything from bars and restaurants to galleries and more.

1). The Arcades

You’ll enjoy strolling through and shopping in the Arcades. It’s made of three arcades: the Thortons, Grand and Queens, which are famous for their unabashedly costly boutiques and more. You’ll find the Arcades a wonderful place to walk and talk in the art nouveau décor.

You’ll enjoy the history of this place, along with the elegant Victorian architecture and shops where local artists and major retailers are located side-by-side.

2). The Corn Exchange

This is another popular retail space that also offers a food hub. The architecture here is all Victorian, making a wonderful backdrop for small indie shops of all types, boutiques, and chain stores. On the ground level is where you’ll find the food hub.

The building is Grade I-listed and offers a dazzling place to shop and eat. In the shops, you’ll find everything from indie shops selling handmade jewelry and more.

3). Brewtown Tours

This is the perfect tour for anyone who is new to beer brewing, or even for those who consider themselves a connoisseur of beers. On the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to try beers from three high-quality local breweries.

The craft of beer and ale making are popular in Leeds. The tour gives you an enjoyable way to sample some of the best brews in the country!

4). Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen

It’s hard to believe, but this used to be a large nursery school in the Northern Quarter of Leeds. These days, however, you’ll find this to be the city’s most popular live music venue.

You’ll find two bars and two kitchens within the three floors of the canteen. Their event space can easily accommodate up to 300 people. And we have to mention the roof terrace. Here, you’ll find live music, comedy, film and art exhibitions, along with amazing food served with ales and beers.

5). Call Lane

If you’re into everything LGBTQ+, this is the place for you. Known as the city’s most lively nightspot, and with its wild reputation, you’ll find all kinds of excitement as you go from one bar or club to the next.

You’ll find everything from secret cocktail bars to rock-n-roll hangouts.

6). Hyde Park Picture House

This is an excellent independent cinema in Leeds, and it’s one of the world’s only remaining gas-lit cinemas, which opened back in 1914. The cinema’s listed as a Grade II building and offers tours of the cinema, tickets for movies and more.

You’ll have an excellent movie experience in this movie house, which many consider to be a more excellent way to watch movies, compared to the super modern cinemas of today. The cinema offers art-house, indie and foreign films (which include subtitles).

7). Leeds Grand Theatre & Opera House Ltd.

Do you love opera, ballets and more? Then head on over to the Leeds Grand Theatre. Here you’ll enjoy a stunning atmosphere where you can revel in musicals, music, films, comedies, plays, and more.

This venue is the place to catch performances by troupes such as Opera North and Northern Ballet. You’ll also be amazed by the ornate ceilings, scintillating chandeliers and more.

8). The Henry Moore Institute

If you appreciate lovely contemporary sculptures, the Henry Moore Institute is the place for you. Once there, you can take in the sculptured art, enjoy lectures, and enjoy art exhibitions of the incredibly unique.

It’s also at the gallery where you can view works of art inspired by (not created by) Henry Moore. If you’d like to view Moore’s creations, then you’ll need to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on the Perry Green Estate.

9). Roundhay Park & Tropical World

This is one of the most popular parks in Leeds and offers much to see and do, even for those who have young children. The park sprawls over 700 acres of parkland, lakes, woodlands, and more.

You can enjoy visiting Tropical World, eating at the Explorer’s Café (in Tropical World), visiting the playgrounds, skate park, as well as taking in the beautiful formal gardens. And we shouldn’t forget to mention the park’s famous Meerkat family! There truly is something for everyone here.

10). Royal Armouries

Do you enjoy armaments from the past? Then you’ll love this museum where you can see everything related to war including armour made especially for elephants, Henry VIII’s tournament armour, and much more.

This is a fascinating museum of everything to do with the armoury of the past. You can take a tour, enjoy special performances that thrill and even see live combat displays.

11). The Thackray Medical Museum

After visiting the armoury museum, it may be appropriate to visit the Thackray Medical Museum. Here, you’ll find everything to do with medical practices throughout history. You won’t even realize you’re learning something as you visit this fascinating place.

12). Kirkstall Abbey

Located just a short distance outside of the city, Kirkstall Abbey and its museum, Abbey House, are a stunning way to experience the Cistercian monastery ruins and learn how the monks lived.

The abbey is over 900 years old and offers a look at the stunning architecture from those days. In the park, you can enjoy a stroll and view the wildlife, or even take in a movie at the alfresco cinema.

13). Rodley Nature Reserve

This is a wetland that’s been designed to bring wildlife back into the Leeds area. Located on the Kirkstall Valley floodplain, the area has become home to various wild birds on their migratory tracks. People of all ages will enjoy this beautiful nature reserve. There are activities for young children, along with events for everyone.

14). Tick Tock Unlock

With a mysterious name, this popular attraction in Leeds offers a fun locked room experience. Solve puzzles, riddles and mysteries to escape the room in 60 minutes!

15). Temple Newsam House

This is an impressive Tudor-Jacobean mansion that includes grounds landscaped by the famous Capability Brown. You’ll find all things historical here—from exhibitions and one-off events. You can also enjoy tours that include audio guides, so you can learn more about this amazing historical property.

We said there’s a lot to enjoy about Leeds, and we weren’t kidding! We hope you come and visit these amazing sites and have a great time while you’re in Leeds.