What happens when you try to work from home? Are you finding it difficult to create a good balance between work and your home life? It’s not easy, especially if you have to deal with taking kids to school, meeting up with friends over a quick cup of coffee, then head home to work. And that’s just the morning routine! We won’t go into all the details of the afternoon routine—you’re very familiar with the whole thing, chores and all!

Working from home isn’t easy, so why not consider basing your business in a coworking office space? A coworking space is a great alternative to working from a home office, and it’s a good fit for many types of businesses. On top of that, it can be the perfection option for entrepreneurs, freelancers, starts and even small businesses.

What is a Coworking Space?

Just for those who aren’t familiar with this concept, a coworking space is an office space that’s shared with other businesses. Coworking spaces are created to provide businesses with a productive environment, where everyone can work together and collaborate.

Coworking spaces don’t have that corporate vibe or constraints; instead, they’re designed to be an office space that offers flexible contracts and includes everything in one monthly fee.

How Do Coworking Spaces Work?

Coworking spaces are set up much like a traditional workplace. The only difference is you won’t be in a corporate environment working with colleagues. You also won’t have to deal with the office politics, those people who are difficult to work with, and more. Instead, you’ll be able to work on your own in an uplifting, energized workspace with others who are like-minded.

Coworking spaces typically offer:

  • Shared workspaces (can be an individual desk)
  • WiFi or wired connections to the Internet
  • 24/7 access so you can work when you need or want to
  • Free parking spaces
  • Meeting & conference rooms (note: some places do charge extra to access these, so be sure to ask if these are included in the rent or not)
  • Access to office equipment (printers, scanners, and more)
  • Shared kitchen (which in some cases is fully stocked)
  • Shared restrooms

These amenities can vary, so be sure to read the lease so you’ll know what’s included or not. Also watch out for hidden charges.

The Benefits of a Coworking Space

Are there benefits with running your business from a coworking space? You bet there are! Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy.

1). Flexible contracts: coworking spaces usually provide flexible contracts. That means you’re not tied to a long-term lease. Instead, you pay a monthly fee that includes all the services your business needs. This usually includes desk space, utility bills, maintenance & cleaning, and more. Did we mention unlimited access to great coffee? Most coworking spaces include that in their flexible contracts, too.

2). Cost-effective solution: renting a desk in a coworking office space is also a cost-effective solution for your business. With the flexible contract, you’ll have everything needed to run your business. This includes the network infrastructure, furniture, you name it. Your company won’t have to shell out for expensive furnishings, deal with fluctuating utility bills and more.

3). Loneliness is not a problem: working from a home office, a café, or another place can be lonely. While you can work in peace and quiet (when family is away or busy!), working on your own can be very lonely. As humans, we’re made to be social. Even introverts need some socializing from time to time.

With a coworking space, you’ll be working with everyone, but the good thing is they’re all like-minded and focused on their own businesses. You don’t have to worry about competition and dealing with an impossible boss. Instead, you can enjoy working with others, which may even lead to collaborating with one another, new business, and more!

Not only will you enjoy some socialization, but you’ll be able to go home knowing you put in a good day’s work. You’ll feel satisfied and ready to relax at home with your family, rather than beating your head on the wall trying to get things done at midnight.

4). Fewer distractions: did we mention that you’ll be able to work with fewer distractions? No longer will you need to deal with interruptions from your family, pets, or chores! Distractions just make it that much harder to focus and get things done.

In a coworking space you’ll be able to get away from home and all the distractions. Each morning just head over to your coworking space, where you can get right to work once you’re all set up. The day will be more structured, and you’ll get more done with fewer distractions.

5). Improved wellbeing: not only will you have access to a great place to work. Many coworking offices include other amenities that are geared to improve your wellbeing. What are those things?

You may find some coworking office spaces that include onsite:

  • Gym/yoga studio (many also include onsite showers)
  • Pool table/table tennis
  • Onsite café

With amenities like these you’ll be able to take a break from working and enjoy a game of pool. Or maybe you need to get in shape. In that case you can take advantage of the onsite gym! Access to these amenities will help you feel better and improve your overall wellbeing.

6). Your business will look more professional: first impressions are important. Clients who need to visit your home office may not feel comfortable or may worry that you won’t be around very long because your business isn’t based in a “real” workspace.

On the other hand, your can improve your company’s impression by choosing to work from a coworking space. That way, when clients visit, your business will look more stable, professional, and you can take them into the meeting room for a private conference.

Plus, you’ll have access to all the office equipment and more. Renting a workspace makes your business look professional, stable, and successful. Potential clients will leave with a great first impression of you and your company.

These are only a few of the benefits you can enjoy when working from a coworking office space. You and your business will thrive, enjoy better life balance, all while giving clients and partners a more professional impression. What could be better for your business than working in a coworking space!