Serviced offices with parking in Leeds

Choose Offyx For Your Brand New Office

If you’re looking for serviced offices with parking in Leeds, then look no further! We’ve got the space you need!

Come and build your business in one of our beautiful offices. Our spaces are available in a range of sizes, from 200 to 20,000 square feet. You can choose from large, self-contained suites or smaller offices with an open-plan layout. Whatever you need, you’ll find it at Offyx.

Whether you prefer an energetic office or one that’s quiet, we have what you need. When you choose one of our workspaces, you’ll also be amazed at the services that are included.

We offer flexible leases, which make it easy to scale your business. When you need a larger space, just let us know, and we’ll get it all arranged. Our leases provide the flexibility your business requires.

How are we different?

We’ve put together a few reasons you’ll love working in one of our serviced offices Leeds with parking:

Flexibility: it’s all about staying responsive to your business. We provide flexible leases without the hassle of a traditional lease. We also take care of the maintenance, cleaning, rent, utilities, and everything. Then you can get to work and grow your business. We stand by our no worries, zero-hassle policy.

Honesty: we aim to work with you in all transparency and honesty. You can count on our integrity. We focus on ensuring our services are always available. You never have to worry about being left without Internet access, paying the bills, and more. If there is a problem, then let us know, and we’ll get on it right away! You can always count on us—we’re here to support you and your business in every way.

Our spaces: are beautifully designed and customisable to better fit your business branding and culture. Office furniture & equipment are all provided. All you need is your laptop. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed with our delightful spaces.

Our tech: you need a stable, fast connection to the Internet. We provide this, too. You’ll be amazed at our Cisco routers, which are secure and fast. You won’t have to worry about downtime—you’ll have speed and security when you need it, which is every day.

Our team: our professional business team is always ready to step in and help when you need it. They’re also ready to greet guests and visitors with a friendly greeting in the reception area.

serviced offices with parking in leeds
leeds serviced offices with parking
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What Amenities are Included With Our Leeds Offices with Parking?

Both of our amazing office locations provide the same excellent amenities, all covered by one monthly fee. You’ll have access to everything with our flexible contract and all-inclusive monthly fee. Did we mention the great perks?










Why Choose One of Our Serviced Offices?

What do our serviced offices have to offer that’s not found in a traditional office? There’s a misperception that a serviced office is more expensive than a traditional office. However, you must consider all the services and amenities that come with a serviced office. We’re pretty sure you won’t find these in a traditional office!

Move-in fast with no downtime: moving into a traditional office is a huge job. You have to decide what furniture is making a move, whether or not files need to be archived or moved, and more. It’s not an easy process. Now, compare that with moving into a serviced office. With a serviced office, you just let us know how what type of office layout you prefer, whether or not you’d like to include company branding in the space, and what furniture you need. We get everything set up for you. All you have to do is bring your devices, sit down and get to work. You can’t do that in a traditional office move! Everything is set up and ready to go on moving day. There’s no major packing and no major downtime for the move. Just bring your laptop, connect, and get on with business.

Flexibility: did we mention you’ll have more flexibility in a serviced office than in a traditional office? It’s true! Our serviced offers come with a lease that gives you more flexibility. If you’d like to start off in a smaller space for a few months, that’s no problem. Choose our short-term lease, and you’re good to go. When the lease is up, then you can make the decision to move to a larger office. It’s really that easy. You don’t find that kind of flexibility in a traditional office lease.

Our staff and equipment: along with our great spaces and flexible leases, we offer an experienced staff and access to some great tech. If you have a day when stuff isn’t getting done, then call on our staff to help. They’re ready to help you get things done when you need them. Our high-quality equipment is also ready to use in our serviced offices. You’ll also have access to the latest tech in our meeting rooms and event space.

Maintenance & more: what more could we provide? Well, you won’t have to worry about maintenance costs, as you would with a traditional office. Instead, we take care of all the building maintenance and cleaning. These services are part of our flexible leases and are included in the monthly fee.

More amenities: yes, there more! We also provide you with free access (it means you can drink as much as you like) to specialty coffee, along with the fastest Internet in Leeds. And we have plenty of parking for you and your employees! Plus, our workspaces are beautiful and come back with our zero-hassle promise.

Two office locations: you’ll find us at the Sugar Mill and the Refinery, two of the most beautiful office buildings in Leeds, with plenty of access to nearby amenities.

If you’re looking for an amazing serviced office with parking in Leeds, then look no further. Contact us today if you’d like more information about our serviced offices and services. We’re looking forward to talking with you!

Where can you find our office spaces?

We offer two wonderful offices in Leeds with parking:

Sugar Mill

Oakhurst Avenue,
LS11 7HL

The Refinery

Oakhurst Avenue,
LS11 7HL