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If you’re looking for a new home for your office, then consider our offices to rent Leeds. We offer offices that are specifically designed to provide just the right environment to stay focused and get work done. In addition to our amazing office spaces, we also provide a flexible lease and services you can count on.

No matter the size of your business, we have space available that’s just the right size to accommodate our business. Whether you’re a freelancer, a large corporation, or somewhere in between, we have the perfect space for your company.

Plus, we’re looking forward to working with you! So, why not give us a call?

Why Choose Us?

Why would your business choose our offices to rent in Leeds? Here are some of the reasons to consider:

Integrity & honesty: you can count on us to provide our services with complete honesty and integrity. These are integral to our business. We meet your needs and work with you to make sure everything is right for your company from the moment you take up residence in our office spaces. And if we make a mistake, you can count on us to find a fast solution every time.

Tech: your business requires tech to stay connected and available to clients. We have all the tech you’ll need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Our services include the fastest Internet, along with secure routers, and more.

Flexible leases: we provide you with a flexible lease, where everything is included in one monthly fee. You won’t have to worry about hidden costs when working with us. When we say everything’s included, we’re serious. You’ll have all the services needed to run your business.

Beautifully designed spaces: our offices have been specifically designed to provide an environment that energises, uplifts you and your employees. And our amazing office spaces will make a great impression on clients and business associates. Your business will enjoy credibility and have room to grow.

Our team: we also provide you with a business team that is trained and experienced to provide you with the business support services your business needs. 

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offices to rent leeds
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What comes with our Offices to Rent in Leeds?

We provide you with the services your business requires. Did we mention your office space also comes with some great perks? These are included in the monthly fee and come as standard for all our clients.

In addition, your office space will be complete furnished and fitted with the right office equipment. And we take care of all the hassles, so all you need to do is work on scaling your company. And we don’t require a down payment and offer you the flexibility and perks we’re sure you’re going to love.


Our Internet service is the fastest you’ll find in Leeds. We offer both wireless and wired connections, so everyone can easily connect. And you won’t have to deal with slow connections when using our Internet services.


We offer a very reliable voice over Internet service, which comes included with our flexible contracts. You’ll find we provide you with voice mail, call diverts, hold music, and more.


We have enough parking accommodation for you, your employees and clients. You and your employees can save money and time by not having to look for spaces to park.


We make paying the rent easy and it includes everything. By everything, we mean the rent also includes utilities and everything needed to keep your business running smoothly.


If you need to hold a meeting, we have awesome meeting rooms available. Use them for important business meetings, or when you need time away from the office.


All maintenance and cleaning services are included in the monthly fee. You don’t have to worry about dealing with these services—we’ve got you covered.


If you need to work after hours, or just prefer to work alternative hours, you’ll have access to your office space 24/7. You can work at a time that’s best for you and your clients.


We also provide professional reception services in a dedicated reception area.


Your new office will be completely furnished with beautiful office furniture.

Why Choose a Serviced Office for Rent Rather than a Traditional Office?

Some people believe that a traditional office is a more cost-effective office solution. The problem is they believe that a service office is more expensive; however, serviced offices provide more benefits than a traditional workspace, and they save you money, too. Here are some ways a serviced office is a better choice for your business:

Moving in is fast and simple: with a serviced office, moving in and getting set up are fast and easy compared with a traditional office. When you move into a traditional office it can take quite a bit of time to determine the office layout, where each department is best located, and setting up furniture. And don’t forget that all of your utilities will need to be arranged in advance. There’s also the time it will take to get your IT network set up and operational. With a serviced office, all of this is taken care of for you. You’ll have a beautiful designed office space that comes with all the furniture set up. We’ll also take care of the utilities and you’ll have immediate access to our network. All you have to do is bring your computer, plug in and get busy. The business won’t suffer from major moving or other hassles.

Testing new markets is easier: serviced offices make it easy to test new markets and locations when your business is ready to expand. When a virtual office address isn’t enough, a serviced office provides just the amount of space and the services your team requires. You’ll also find serviced offices come with flexible contracts; if you need a short- or a long-term lease, we can help you. This is also a more cost-effective choice when expanding, rather than going with an expensive traditional office setup.

Flexibility & freedom: we mentioned that our leases are flexible, and you can choose either a short- or a long-term lease, whichever is best for your company. This flexibility means your business can expand and more quickly respond to changing markets. While a shorter lease may look to be more expensive, they usually provide a wide range of benefits that you won’t find with a long-term lease on a traditional office space.

No worries about maintenance: with a traditional office, your company is responsible when something breaks, such as the air conditioning. You’ll have to cover the cost of parts and repairs. In addition, you’ll need to hire cleaners, too. With a serviced office, on the other hand, everything is included when it comes to maintenance and cleaning services. You won’t have to pay extra for these solutions, and you won’t have deal with hiring cleaning and maintenance personnel. All of these services are included in your monthly fee.

And even more benefits: did we mention that some additional perks come with your serviced office? For one thing, we have some of the best coffee around, along with the fastest WiFi in Leeds. Plus, we provide some of the most beautiful, uplifting workspaces around, with no hassles or worries.

Where can you find our Leeds offices available to rent?

We offer two wonderful office spaces in Leeds:

Sugar Mill

Oakhurst Avenue,
LS11 7HL

The Refinery

Oakhurst Avenue,
LS11 7HL