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Meeting Room Hire in Leeds


At Offyx, you’ll find the best meeting rooms Leeds, there’s no doubt about that. We provide meeting spaces suitable for all types of meetings—from trainings for your staff to hosting a client.

You’ll find our meeting rooms are more than just a place filled with a long table surrounded by chairs. We provide you with a pleasant, energetic atmosphere to get work done. You’ll have the best meeting in Leeds, we guarantee it. Our Leeds meeting rooms have everything you need to support you and your business.

Where can you hold your next meeting in Leeds?

Sugar Mill
Oakhurst Avenue


LS11 7HL

Sugar Mill is located just outside of Leeds city centre and boasts abundant parking. Just under a mile from the White Rose Shopping Centre (that’s just minutes from the M1, M621 and M62), Sugar Mill is situated amongst a range of amenities.

As well as being conveniently located, Sugar Mill includes many excellent on site services such as a cage, storage and a dedicated front of house team.

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What We Provide with a Offyx Meeting Room in Leeds

Here’s what you can expect each and every time you use one of our meeting rooms:

Modern equipment: our Leeds meeting rooms provide you with up-to-date equipment including flip charts and plasma screens. You’ll have what you need for that crucial client presentation. Our meeting rooms provide everything you need. Our wall-mounted plasma screens allow you to easily connect, or you can use the wireless streaming functionality—whichever choice works best for you.

Telephones and Fast WiFi: each of our meeting rooms in Leeds provide lightning fast WiFi, along with the latest phone tech.

Full catering and refreshments: we offer only the best when it comes to fine coffee in Leeds. Not only that, but we also offer a full catering service for your meetings. We provide all the tea, coffee and more when you rent our meeting rooms.

Climate control room: you’ll be in charge of the room’s temperature, whether you like it cooler or warmer. Each of our meeting rooms includes climate control so you and your staff can stay comfortable.

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Who Are We?

At Offyx we’re not your average meeting room provider. We make it easy for you and provide a workspace that’s ready to use. All you need to do is concentrate on growing your business. We meet you at the point of your needs, making sure to serve with the enthusiasm and energy to help your business. You can count on an atmosphere that will help you become more productive and successful.

We aim to take care of the normal day-to-day issues that come up, so all you have to do is succeed. You can count on us for great service and beautiful meeting rooms to help you get work done.

Why Rent a Meeting Room with Offyx?

No matter what type of business you have, or if you’re a freelancer or a startup, you’ll need to have a meeting. It’s a given. Whether you are in need of a private space to visit with team members, give the ultimate presentation to a client, etc. you’ll find we provide what you need. Our meeting rooms are versatile and provide just the right environment and atmosphere for all types of meetings.

Our spaces are also flexible, and the environment fits the meeting you’re planning. You’ll find our spaces are light, airy and brilliant—just the right background for your next meeting.

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What Type of Meetings Can You Hold with Us?

We’re here to provide a productive and collaborative workspace, no matter what type of meeting you have. You can count on a bespoke meeting room that meets your needs.


Informal meetings

Usually for internal staff, you won’t find the traditional meeting room space with us. Instead, we provide a peaceful environment which offers the right background for a creative, collaborative gathering. Even if you have an office space, you’ll find that our meeting rooms help you escape the distractions there. Our meeting rooms offer a place where you can hold a productive meeting. We can even adjust the lighting, climate and arrange the furniture, meaning you’ll have a customised meeting room—perfect for an informal meeting.



Perhaps you need just the right space to interview a potential candidate. We can help you there, too. You’ll have a bespoke meeting space that works for your business. Your candidate won’t be able to help but have a positive view of you and your company. We can offer you a small meeting area, perfect for any type of business in a more intimate setting. Just what you need for that next interview.


Board Room Meetings

We also offer you the perfect space to hold those regular meetings with staff, or when you need to impress a client. You can expect a professional space that includes the latest tech such as big screens, lightning fast WiFi and connectivity—all you need for your next big meeting. We provide formal spaces that aren’t stuffy; instead, you’ll find a beautiful environment that works for your company or organisation.


No matter the type of meeting you have planned, you’ll find that we can meet your requirements. Each of our meeting rooms contains what you need to have a positive, productive meeting, allowing you to focus on your business. Not only that, but we can customise our meeting rooms to meet your needs. You’ll have a beautiful space that provides the environment you need for meetings with clients, your team and more.