After a few years, a serviced office’s décor may become worn out and tired. If your business is in this condition, then it’s time for an update. The best way to attract new clients, and retain current clients, is to make the serviced office spaces as beautiful and comfortable as possible.

While updating your business interior can be expensive, you can keep the costs down by using some creative methods to bring it up-to-date and make it attractive once again.

We’ve put together some ideas to give you ideas on how to redo your serviced offices, without breaking the bank.


Walls take a lot of wear and tear. They can easily become dirty, or maybe there’s some peeling paint over in the corner. Wallpaper, too, can develop issues as it ages.

Have you taken a look around your serviced offices’ walls? Do you see any of the issues mentioned above? And what about the artwork and photos—could these use a little updating, too?

If you’ve looked around and found some of these issues, then it’s definitely time to bring some life into these office spaces.

When it comes to paint/wallpaper, add some color to the walls that increases productivity and creativity in the office space. Colors that may work well in the space include:

  • Pastel yellow
  • Green
  • Orange (though only as an accent wall)
  • Blue gray
  • Light blue
  • Light gray
  • Off-white

These are colors that generally fit in with all modern décor, which can act as a background for artwork. Softer colors will create a calming space in which to work, while brighter pops of color will add a vibrant touch, just the right thing for a creative and productive serviced office space.


Artwork should compliment the space, though a little contrast is also a good way to bring some life to a workspace. Avoid boring walls by adding inexpensive photos of nature, cityscapes, and more.

The goal is to keep everything simple and uncluttered. You want the serviced office to feel large, and spacious. Avoid colors that close in a space. Let the walls be the backdrop, the center of attention.

Lighting Solutions

Lighting is a huge challenge for office spaces. Natural lighting has been shown to ease stress and help people feel relaxed. The right lighting also helps workers to stay focused on the task at hand.

If your office spaces have windows, then let the natural light into the room. You can do this by removing any window coverings that block natural light. This may include blinds, drapes, and more. Then look for window treatments that are light weight. They should be able to be close or opened as needed.

Do you still need additional light? Then LED lighting may be the answer. LEDs lights are energy efficient, and add a bright, comfortable light to a room. This type of lighting also lasts longer, making LEDs a cost-efficient option for your serviced office spaces.

What About Seating?

Next, you’ll need to consider the seating options you currently have. When working for long hours, it become painful and uncomfortable to sit. This leads to a slowdown in productivity and could even lead to someone nodding off without realizing it. Are you current seating arrangements comfortable and conducive to working? If so, then it’s time to invest in new seating.

If you’re going with traditional office chairs, then it’s necessary to look for chairs that provide ergonomic support. They’ll also need to be comfortable. Look for chairs with lumbar support, and the chair should also be adjustable in height for the seat and arm rests.

Are wheels really necessary? They’re still important and many people are used to having them. Plus, they help reduce strain in the back. If you opt for wheels, choose those office chairs that include lockable wheels, as these prevent accidents. You might also look for a chair that includes both wheels and a swivel seat, as both can make it easier to move, get in and out of the chair without straining or twisting.

Alternative seating is another option to consider. This most often takes the form of chairs in arrangements, but not at a desk or table. The arranged chairs create nooks where people can grab a break and rest a bit.

Another form of alternative seating are active chairs and leaning stools. These are also most often used without desks or tables. You might consider using these in a meeting room or even a community room.

Soft seating, which is also sometimes referred to as collaborative soft seating, can include a one or more couches put together in a comfortable grouping. This is a place to sit and chat with clients, colleagues and other workers.

Updating Your Tech

When clients come to your serviced offices, they’ll expect the latest technology. Have you checked to see if your tech needs an update? You’d be surprised at how quickly changes happen in the tech world. The latest piece of tech can soon be outdated in only a few months. So, to keep clients happy and keep them coming back, it’s a good idea to review your technology and see if it needs to be updated.

WiFi, that’s stable and always available, is essential to your serviced office business. You’ll soon have very unhappy clients if the Internet is constantly going off and on. Your clients depend on the Internet being dependable, so they can get their work done. Be sure your tech is able to handle literally hundreds of WiFi connections and keep the network up and running. Downtime costs your clients, and it will ultimately cost you business.

Office equipment and devices are another reason clients choose a serviced office. If you supply the printers, scanners, projectors, then they have no need to go out and buy one for their business.

As a result, all of your office equipment needs to be up to date and in excellent working condition. In addition, each device needs to work across platforms and with other devices. You’ll have happy clients if your office equipment’s in great shape and works with all their devices.

We hope this list has given you some ideas on ways to update and bring life to your serviced office spaces. These are some of the easiest and most cost-effective means to spruce up office spaces. You’ll have happy clients and a thriving business if your serviced office spaces are attractive, comfortable and provide a productive environment for getting work done.