ALL Inclusive Workspace IN Leeds

Choose Offyx For Your Brand New Workspace

Are you searching for an all inclusive workspace Leeds? If you need a new home for your business, then look no further. We have some beautiful workspace you’re sure to love!

At Offyx, we provide your business with the flexibility it needs for these changing times. You don’t have to stay put in a drab, out-of-date traditional office. Instead, make a move into our inspiring workspaces.

Our workspaces will give your business the lift it needs. With our all inclusive workspace Leeds, your company will find a new home that’s vibrant and energised for your success.

We offer an affordable office solution for small businesses all the way up to large corporations. We’ve got the space you need.

Take control of your business and workspace at Offyx.

What Do We Offer?

First, our Leeds all inclusive workspaces are nothing short of amazing. They’re customisable, which means they can be set up in any layout that you require. Your office will reflect your company brand and culture, right down to the colours used in the space. We’ll do everything to make you feel comfortable and at home in our workspaces.

In addition to beautiful workspaces, we also provide you with a flexible lease with all-inclusive fees. No longer will it be necessary to remember to pay each individual bill for utilities, the rent, and more. Instead, you only have one all-inclusive monthly fee to pay. We take care of paying for the utilities and more. That means fewer admin tasks, so you can focus on work.

When it comes to tech, we use Cisco routers, switches, and firewalls. These are the foundation for our super-fast Internet connection. You can choose to connect via Wifi or a wired connection without having to worry about giving up the speed your business relies on.

We have a brilliant team that’s ready to step in when you need help. If you need a helping hand, just let them know, and they’ll be right there to assist.

What’s more, our goal is to provide you with a zero-hassle all inclusive workspace Leeds. You’ll have everything required to keep your business running. More than that, your business will thrive in our workspaces.

all inclusive workspace leeds
leeds all inclusive workspace
all inclusive workspace

What’s included?

Here’s a closer look at what comes with your all-inclusive workspace:

Super-fast WiFi: we have one of the fastest WiFi connections in Leeds. You can choose from wired or wireless connections. And you can count on the Internet being up when you need it, always at the super-fast speeds your business needs.

VOIP telephony: our flexible lease and all-inclusive fee also include access to our voice-over Internet services, which are reliable. The service includes hold music, call diverts voice mail, and more.

Space for 1-20 people: our flexible spaces can accommodate up to 20 people. Whether you’re a freelancer or a corporate organisation, our workspaces will provide everything you need.

Parking: our all-inclusive fee also includes parking. And we have plenty of it. If you need parking for a large number of employees, clients, and guests, we’ve got you covered. There’s no need to pay for parking—we’ve got you covered.

Storage: our office facility also includes storage space that’s secure, where you can put things away. It will be kept safe until you need or want it again.

24/7 access: no matter when you need to access your workspace, it will be available for you. That’s because we offer 24/7 access. If you need to work at night or on the weekends, don’t worry. You’re not tied down to a specific schedule. Work when you need to.

Where can you find our Leeds serviced offices?

We offer two wonderful office spaces in Leeds:

workspace in leeds

Sugar Mill

Oakhurst Avenue,
LS11 7HL

Dating from the industrial age, Sugar Mill has touches of the last century that have remained even after the multi-million refurbishment project. You can see some of the building’s beautiful original Art Deco features.

At Sugar Mill, you’ll enjoy working in an energetic, thriving environment. We’re not far from the city centre and have plenty of parking for everyone. The office is also conveniently located near local amenities.

leeds workspaces

The Refinery

Oakhurst Avenue,
LS11 7HL

Located only a few minutes from town, the Refinery offers spectacular views of Leeds and the surrounding areas. Our facility can accommodate small and large businesses in a professional environment.

You’ll have access to fully equipped serviced offices, with a dedicated business team ready to step in and assist when you need it. There’s also plenty of parking. The Refinery is also located near some amazing amenities, and it’s easy to access. The location is near major motorways and public transportation.

If you’d like to learn more about our all inclusive workspace in Leeds, then contact us today!