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so here’s our story

In 2015, Wizu Workspace founders Tom Almas and John Guggenheim crossed paths completely by accident. Over a cup of Yorkshire tea they discovered a mutual passion for beautiful workspaces.

Even deeper than that, they both kept hearing terrible stories of businesses who were being treated badly by landlords. They decided it was time to create workspace which would become known not only for beautiful design and world class ameneties but for being nice to people. That fine day, Wizu Workspace was born.

Oh, and the name? It came from their personal mission to create a brand with simplicity and distinctive character. Virtues, you might say, which sum up the essence of great workspace.

what we strive for






our locations

Sugar Mill

Oakhurst Avenue, Leeds, LS11 7HL

The refinery

Oakhurst Avenue, Leeds, LS11 7HL