Are you getting ready to plan an event? Are you feeling nervous at the thought of preparing the event? There’s a lot to consider.

We’ve put together a list of 10 essential tips to follow when planning your event. No matter the type or size of the event, these steps will ensure it’s a success.

1). Determine Your Budget

Establishing your event’s budget is the very first step and one of the most important. Here are some of the most common expenses you’ll need to consider as you plan your budge:

  • Venue
  • Food and drink
  • Entertainment
  • Décor

2). Develop Event Goal & Objectives

The first step when planning an event is to understand why you’re holding the event. Ask questions such as:

  • Why are you holding the event?
  • What do you hope to accomplish or achieve?

These are the essential questions to ask before you go on with planning. Once you have this down, you’ll be ready to look at some of the bigger aspects of the event. You’ll need to take care of the bigger tasks first:

  • Date: make sure it’s a day when people will be able to attend.
  • Select the location
  • Know the size of the location
  • Hire a caterer
  • Hire the entertainment

Be sure to focus your budget on those categories that are most essential. And remember not to go over your budget.

For instance, if you can’t afford a larger space, then look for one that’s a bit smaller. Or consider finding a sponsor if you truly need that larger space.

Don’t be shy to ask venues if they have exclusive offers and can work with you on the costs of the event. They may even be able to help host your event at no cost. You won’t know until you ask. The worst they can say is no.

3). Location

Next up you’ll need to consider your location. Make sure the venue isn’t too far for clients to attend. If it’s too far away, you’ll lose business. Also, will the event last only part of the day? Then you’ll want to choose a location where people can go afterwards, rather than spending time in their hotel room.

4). Entertainment: What Type is Appropriate for Your Event?

Consider who will be coming to the event when determining the right type of entertainment. Each audience is different and will react differently to types of entertainment.

  • Will you want dancing? Consider hiring a DJ or a musical guest.
  • Do you need dinnertime entertainment? You may have more options here.
  • You may consider higher speakers and presenters if you’re having a presentation or expo. Or if you have the right skills, you may even be the entertainment.

Remember that entertainers will need equipment, so make sure to taking into checking the size of the equipment they’ll need and ensure it will work in the space you’ve chosen for the venue. And don’t forget you may need to cover travel and accommodation expenses, as well as compensation for the entertainer(s).

5). WiFi Accessibility

Connectivity to the Internet is a given these days—everyone depends on WiFi being available everywhere, including at events. If your event has an app, it’s handy for guests to download to stay in tune with events.

Presenters can also use WiFi for their presentations. Guests may also need to make business video calls with clients around the world.

And remember—someone will always ask for the WiFi password. Internet connectivity is expected, so make sure the service is available, secure and has a fast connection speed.

6). Coordination of Team

Your team, who may be staff and/or volunteers, are essential to the event. Make sure they arrive well in advance of the start time to help with set up, and then make sure people will be available for taking down and cleaning up after the event.

Make sure your team has something to do and is ready to do their jobs when needed.

After the event’s over, the venue you’ve hired may have their own clean-up crew. However, it’s always a good idea to have your team stay and help out. It looks good for the company and the venue will more than likely welcome you back for another event in the future.

7). Publicity: Who’s Attending?

Who do you want to attend the event? Is this a private or public event? These are important questions to ask and answer. You’ll want to market your event in a way that fits the target audience.

  • For public marketing, you may choose to post flyers, mail out invitations, and publicize on social media.
  • For a private event, you’ll want to send out private invitations via social media, or more personalized invitations through the mail.

8). Hospitality

You want attendees to feel welcome and cared for, so be sure that your staff are approachable and kind to people you’ve hired for the event.

Also make sure to be open, welcoming and approachable to those you’ve hired for the event.

While this may seem like a basic issue, being hospitable to attendees and those you’ve hired makes a good impression. Attendees will want to do business with you in the future, and the venue and their staff will more than likely want to work with you on future events.

Make sure you and your team are friendly, open and enthusiastic, rather than grumpy and unapproachable.

9). The Program

Prepare a program for your event. This is a professional gesture that shows your guests the event is well-organized and professional. Make sure to have time slots for each presentation during your event. It’s a great guide and helps attendees keep track of those talks they’d like to listen to, etc.

In addition, if there are other events taking place at the same time, have these options also listed on the program. Guests will enjoy knowing they’re in the right place at the right time. Plus, they’ll have a guide as to when and where everything is taking place.

Make sure the program is attractive and well-arranged, too. You want it to be an example of what your company can do.

10). Take Your Time

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to plan the event and cross tasks off your to-do list. Waiting until the last minute to get things done only causes everyone stress. In addition, this can cause small things to go wrong.

And don’t forget to delegate and help everyone manage their time. You’ll soon have a great event planned where everyone will have a great time!